With meditation we explore our inner quietness and deep rooted peace.


Meditation refreshes the mind and leaves us smiling.

In the summer we’ll meditate by the lake or somewhere in the beautiful nature around the Ashtanga Yogaschool.





Ashtanga Yoga is the oldest form of hatha yoga, with a high therapeutic content: everyday damage to the body is eliminated and the function of joints and muscles is restored.



Practicing yoga through “mysore style” gives you maximum flexibility: Just drop in whenever you like, roll out your mat and practice as long as you want. The teachers go from student to student and give individual assistance. New Asanas will be added step by step. Try the morning classes, they’ll energize and refresh your body and mind for the whole day. Suitable for beginners and advanced yoga students.



In this class, we’ll take all the time in the world to get to know Ashtanga Yoga. There will be some explanations and many useful tips for a devoted stretching, mindful breathing and amazing body awareness..



Here, parents and small children can be amongst themselves and practice Ashtanga Yoga in a casual family way.










Prana is the life force, yama means extension. Thus pranayama ist the extension of life force through breathing. Step by step we learn to spread the life force evenly throughout all regions of the body by breathing.


By evenly inhaling and exhaling you will enjoy a calm mind. This can be interesting, for example, to everbody having problems falling asleep because of recurring thoughts.


Ashtangayoga promotes the connection between breath and movement: The breath should initiate the movement (and not vice versa), so that our asana practice will become a movement meditation.

The Ashtanga Yoga School is a place of refreshment and tranquillity for everybody: young and old, men and  women, for the improvement of back problems, muscle shortening, etc., to maintain health and to clear your head.


o   Yoga mats are available to use in class for a trial lesson or to buy.


o   We practice barefoot in comfortable sports clothes.



o   It is advisable to eat as little as possible for two hours before the lesson, just something small like a yogurt or a banana (except pregnant women, who naturally need replenishment anytime).


o    Ashtanga yoga works best when practiced on a regular basis : Come as often as you can and leave everything behind.



Please do not park in the yard; these parking spaces are reserved for residents only. Thank you!


Clara Mäsgen



Euskirchener Strasse 81-83

50321 Brühl-Pingsdorf